Connecting Your Website to An AWS Route 53 Custom Registered Domain

If you own one or more domains via the Route 53 registry in AWS, you can easily use it for your website or blog. You will need a paid plan in order to use custom domains.

Using a Paid Plan

If you have a paid plan you can use as your DNS provider so you will only need to edit the Name servers in Route 53.

Step 1: Add Domains to

Start by mapping your domain(s) to the website via Manage > Domains > Add a domain > Use a domain I own. (See WordPress Support for more information)

Location of Manage, Domains
Manage > Domains
Location of Add a domain to this site
Add a domain to this site

Step 2: Remove Your Hosted Zone in AWS

If you registered a domain in AWS Route 53 it is likely that a hosted zone was automatically generated when you first registered. Simply navigate to your hosted zone in the AWS Console and delete it.

(Remember to copy the information here just in case you want/need to recreate the hosted zone later)

Step 3: Add the Name Servers to Registered Domains

Navigate in Route 53 to Registered domains and click on your domain.

Click the Add or edit name servers button.

Registered domains, Add or edit name servers

(Remember to copy the current name servers in case you need to revert it back to AWS name servers.)

Delete the current name servers, and replace them with the name servers:
Step 4: Verify Changes have Taken Effect

Once you have done all this, it will take AWS upwards of 48 hours to replicate the changes across the entire environment.

You can check back in the domain management to see if the domain is correctly linked. You should see a green “Active” confirmation if everything is working.

Using a Free Plan

It is not currently possible to use a custom domain to point to your free domain. The website will block any cross domain queries.

You should expect an error like this:

If you have any ideas or suggestions. Let me know in the comments, or contact me via the contact form.

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