Creating your own Personal Elasticsearch Cluster

This is a quick rundown of the guides I wrote about running a small Elasticsearch. Partly for my own sake to remember everything I have done, but also just in case someone else is looking at making a small cluster for their own purposes.

Here is a summary of each part if you want to skip to a certain section:

Part 1: Building Your Environment in AWS

The rundown of what you need to get started in AWS.

Part 2: Setting up and Installing Elasticsearch

We need a place to store our data. Here we install the core component of our stack, Elasticsearch.

Part 3: Setting up Kibana

In order to view our data, we need a dashboard. This takes you through the installation of the Kibana Dashboards.

Part 4: Using a Proxy for Kibana with HAProxy

If you would like to put a loadbalancer or proxy in front of your dashboards for usability and security, here I explain the steps in using HAProxy for Kibana.

Part 5: Enabling Security and Using Password Authentication

Why store data if it is not secure? These are the basic steps for setting up password authentication to your cluster.

Part 6: Making Kibana Internet Accessible with Cloudfront

When you want your cluster accessible from anywhere, you want to be able to secure the data with HTTPS. CloudFront is a great way to do this straight from AWS.

Part 7: Securing CloudFront with Security Groups

Just because you use CloudFront doesn’t mean the infrastructure is safe from the outside world. This guides you through securing your servers so they are only accessible via CloudFront.

Part 8: Inserting Data into Elasticsearch with Logstash

Finally, once everything is secure and good to go, you need ways of getting some data into your cluster.

If you would like to get started from the beginning, check out Part 1: Setting up an AWS Environment for a Personal Elasticstack. Where we setup the initial environment we need for a cluster.

Any thoughts, concerns, mistakes? Let me know in the comments or via the Contact page.

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