Mounting Disk Drives to Centos/RHEL/Amazon Linux

Just a short step by step guide to add extra disk drives to Centos/RHEL/Amazon Linux. Applicable for when you add extra EBS to an AWS instance, but also useful for adding drives to any RHEL family of hosts. See here for official AWS documentation this was originally from. While logged onto the server, perform theContinue reading “Mounting Disk Drives to Centos/RHEL/Amazon Linux”

Connecting Your Website to An AWS Route 53 Custom Registered Domain

If you own one or more domains via the Route 53 registry in AWS, you can easily use it for your website or blog. You will need a paid plan in order to use custom domains. Using a Paid Plan If you have a paid plan you can use as your DNS providerContinue reading “Connecting Your Website to An AWS Route 53 Custom Registered Domain”